About Us

Mighty Oak Games is an offshoot of Mighty Oak Test Prep, a Seattle partnership of standardized testing champions.

Shane Burnett and Kristin Leeson, the king and queen of this dominion, have been conquering the SAT every test date for decades with our fantastic students. Visual Vocab grew out of their lessons and the need to replace traditional flashcards (and even the ‘updated’ flashcard apps out there) with something truly useful based on the science of effective learning.

Other SAT and tech royalty who have helped with the app include Rose Paik, Damon Daneli, and the prodigiously talented folks at Studio Pepwuper, including Domagoj Baronica and Brandon Wu.

Roy Maloon created our striking app icon and related artwork.

Luke Magee, a former student, provides the smooth, sonorous voice of the app.

Jordan Guzak, another former student, created our original music (except for “Anchors Aweigh”, composed by Charles Zimmerman in 1906).