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VISUAL VOCAB:  Ready to raise your verbal SAT score?vvocab

Let top scoring test prep tutors show you the 305 vocab words you need to know–illustrated with awesome, high impact pictures. Visual Vocab is based on the newest science about effective learning (mixed modality presentation: visual, auditory, practice, play, choice, change).

Memorable, striking–even funny!–pictures teach absolutely essential SAT words. It’s dynamic. You have lots of chances to customize this app’s word list, picture deck, sounds. You decide when to Quiz or Explore. Work your way up to the Ultimate Challenge. Mixing it up boosts attention, memory and scores.


  • Only the choicest, must-know words. Don’t waste time. Learn the words that will be on the SAT.
  • 305 flashy, fun cards to study
  • ”Practice makes perfect” quiz and challenge features
  • Word List to manage your picture deck; custom tailor your learning
  • Surprises
  • Powerful mixed modality learning based on science
Visual Vocab SAT (free — 50+ words)
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Visual Vocab SAT (Epic — 300+ words)
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Visual Vocab SAT (Pro — 125+ words for students scoring 700+)
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“My mom bought this for me and I don’t hate it” -vocabulary enthusiast

Using the AppIMG_6875

There are two main things you can do in this app: quiz & study.

You can find both options on the Menu page with the arrows (the first page you see after you load the app). Hit ←left for Quiz, right→ for Explore.

The Quiz will take you into an SAT-style multiple choice 12 word mini-test. At the end of this you will see a personalized Stats page with an SAT-style score out of 800. High scores (above 700) will earn a *heart* which will help you with the Ultimate Challenge later on.

Explore launches you into the heart and soul of the app–a deck of amazing pictures and absolutely must-know SAT vocab words to match. We call this ‘hitting the deck’, and you’ll want to hit it hard because it works. Recent research demonstrates the effectiveness of visual learning. Much of the brain is devoted to processing and storing visual data; we are “all eyes” and most of us are visual learners, really.

Next, tap the vocab word and a drawer pops up with the correct definition and the option to hide from deck. What the hide from deck button means is that if you know this word, you can retire it (you are not permanently removing it from the app nor from your deck). You are just customizing your active deck to display the words you still need to learn. Any word you hide will still appear on quizzes and in the Ultimate Challenge test, but when you tap this button, you are simply hiding the word so that you don’t have to study a word you already know well.


Q: Can I take a quiz any time I want?
A: Yes. In addition to the Quiz arrow on the Menu page, there is also a Q button in the top right corner of most pages.

Q: What are the hearts?
A:You earn a heart for each score above 700/800 on the Quiz. Four hearts lets you into the Ultimate Challenge and gives you four “lives” or wrong answers you can use to complete this test.

Q: Can I take the Ultimate Challenge test any time I want?
A: No, bro. This is one of those treats that you have to earn. After you collect 4 hearts by taking the quizzes, you will enter the UC test. You will need 10 minutes, an intrepid spirit, fortitude, and most of all SAT vocab mastery. Only students at the apex of their vocab prowess will see this test through to the end. The Ultimate Challenge is only on the Epic and Pro versions of the app, btw.

Q: Are there other cool functions and buttons?
A: Yes. You can check out a complete Word List while you are exploring and studying the picture deck (middle top button). Plus, there is a Sound icon. Feel free to tap this if you want to hear the word again for stronger auditory learning

Q: Why sound too?
A: Studies show that students remember information better when they learn it both visually and aurally. We take this even further. You will learn something for real when it’s seen, heard and felt. That’s why the cards are kind of funny, sad, ridiculous or interesting too…we believe that emotion aids memorization. It’s called “mixed modality” learning and it’s the most powerful approach to really locking into long-term memory. Feel free to turn off the sound, though, and tailor the app for yourself.

Q: What else do experts know about learning that will help me here?
A: This should come as no surprise: multiple studies show that when students pay closer attention, they learn better. Makes sense, right?. It’s another reason our cards are flashy and memorable. You probably also know that our brains retain information better when we spread learning over a longer period of time, say months or even a year, versus cramming it into a few days or weeks. If all you have is a week, then try to do a bit each day rather than a bunch the night before. Haven’t you heard this advice a million times? Well, it’s actually true. Think of learning as a workout for your brain. The more you play Visual Vocab, the more you are training for the SAT and increasing your score, verbal wit and fitness.

Q: Can I send you guys better picture for the VV words?
A: Absolutely! We welcome better photos, picture suggestions and even tips for fresh words. Entertain and impress us with your pics and ideas:
submit pictures to

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